About Dr. Denton Kimbrough in Huntsville, AL

Name: Dr. Denton Kimbrough
Occupation: Restorative Dentistry
Birthday: February 26
Alma Mater: Lipscomb/UAB
Favorite Vacation: The Beach
Favorite Hobby: Golf
Favorite Car: My Red Jeep
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Team: Roll Tide Roll!
Favorite Grandchildren: I love all 8 of my beautiful grandchildren!
8 grandchildren - Family Dentist - Huntsville AL
Recently, my wife, Martha gave me a wheel cover for the spare tire of my Jeep. It had a simple message across the cover: “Life Is Good.” Now people drive by and honk, waving and giving me a thumbs up. We all need a little reminder of how great life can be.
When it comes to your dental health, there may be problems that keep you from the joy of really being able to smile and say those words. I have spent a lifetime helping my patients rediscover their self-confidence and happiness that come with a beautiful smile.
It's a rewarding and enjoyable experience every day to help people improve their health and their lifestyle. “Life Is Good”... and it all starts with a smile. - Dr. K